Finding my Balance

This past week has been one of the most exhausting weeks ever. I started my spring semester and it completely took me overboard. As some of you may know I work full time, go to grad school and now I have my blog! Oh! and lets not forget that i will be traveling as well! So I am ready for these insane couple of months. 

I always get asked, How do i balance this ? Where do i get the energy from ?  Honestly I cant give you a complete answer. I'm happy that I am blessed with such energy. It gets extremely exhausting do not get me wrong but my goals need to be accomplished and my investments need to flourish. These are the things that keep me going big or small my goals keep me going, my balance comes naturally. But there are also a few things I strongly live by:

1. Surround yourself with people who root for you through those ups and downs and those that come around only in your ups Do Not Keep.

2. Vibes do not lie and most of the time if you are not feeling that vibe you will immediately know ISSA NO FOR YOU!    

3. Proctect your magic! Creating magic takes a long time and trust me it took me a while to even say I have my own magic and no one can take that from me.


I know this might sound cliche but your energy levels also depend on what you are eating. Again trust me when I tell you I had to do a whole 360 to my dieting but it was for the best!  

P.S.. Tell yourself you are fabulous and popin at least 3 times a day :) ! 

So on that note, have a great start to your week ! Also, guys Im going to be traveling to a pretty cool part of the world this week IM SO EXCITEDDDDDDDDD !!!! Make sure to check my ig stories and follow my adventures its going to be one hell of a trip! :)  

What im wearing : Oversized Coat- Zara, Turtleneck- Cynthia Rowley, Belt- Banana Republic, Sunnies- Vintage Frames, Black Cropped Jean-Urban Outfitters , Double Strap Bag- Mango , Boots- Zara
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