Breaking up with my Comfort Zone


My sincere apologies for not posting in the last couple of weeks, it has been a bit hectic for me and frankly i have been catching up with myself!

Lately, i have had a lot of people come up to me and tell me i am becoming this adventurous and  fearless person. I have been trying to do things outside of my comfort zone literally, i am outgrowing my comfort zone and i like it. Honestly, doing these random things, trying things I've never done before, is a NICE FEELING PEOPLE. It does take time because i still sometimes tell myself holy cow i cant do this i cant *heart is racing*, but then i say screw it and just do it! I like that i am trying new colors, new styles, new lipstick shade shoot even new skin care products, new poses, new glasses, new foods and even trying to drive. I know it might not sound like a big deal but all these little things are helping me break up with my comfort zone.

This blog is also helping me because it reminds me that i am different i am not just a regular degular blogger, NO MA'AM! i have my own style and my own ideas all of these things join forces and BOOM.. slowly breaking up with my comfort zone. So there you have it just a few things that have been on my mind!

Lets get to this dope outfit, I've been dying to find the perfect socks and heels for this combo i created. I am actually pretty proud of myself because at first i was like woahhhh this is something i would have never done before but i liked that i even thought about this combo. I love paring random accessories with pieces that i know will balance each other out, and I would wear this pretty much to any event anyway so why not. I have this rockish and chic look going on but my bag and leather is what is creating the balance along with my sunnies !

Outfit details:

Biker Jacket , Black T-shirt, Pleated skirt is vintage but asos has similar ones : Balck Pleated Skirt Metallic Ankle Socks, Leather Sandals , Sunnies are currently sold out but there is always a restock ! Sunnies, Lipstick , Tweed handbag from ages ago !