Welcome to STS!

My first blog post !

OMG! I cannot believe this is my first blog post. I dreamt of having a blog for so long and here it is. It took me a while to decide whether or not to become a blogger. Aside from having a full time job and attending graduate school I knew that this will become a huge challenge. I knew this was a challenge from the beginning when I first began taking some pictures for my blog, it did not come out as planned. I spent countless hours and days trying to perfect pictures and finally realized I needed to just be MYSELF. I would over analyze every single detail when in fact those details made the picture. I learned how to show my personality through pictures and give you guys a glimpse of who i am!

I could not wait to style this belt with one of my favorite blazers, I am obsessed with the idea of mixing street wear and formal wear together. I kept it simple with my heels and jeans so that my belt can stand out a bit more. Sometimes spicing up a casual outfit with a belt can go a long way ! 

 In 2018, i want make sure you guys get to know me more not only by my style but also as a person. I look forward to sharing my real life experiences and adventures. I love having another platform to connect and discuss everything with you guys. I look forward to your feed back, please don't be shy to drop a comment in the box below! And follow my adventures on Instagram @seethesesights !